At Medspa California, we offer fully customizable efficient treatments for your hair and skin type with optimal patient comfort..

  • Significantly faster than the average hair reduction session
  • Safe for ALL skin types
  • Minimizes pain, using its unique laser technology
  • Permanent Hair Reduction on any area
  • Procedures for men and women
  • Discounts on packages
  • The Lumenis® LightSheer® Desire® system features patented
  • High-Speed Integrated technology, which utilizes suction to pull the target closer to the energy source making it more effective. It also features ChillTip™ technology, which momentarily numbs the skin thereby minimizing pain.

What to Expect:

Two weeks after your initial treatment, follicles shed the hair that were in the growing phase.
Pink or reddish color may linger for a day or two at most.
Requires multiple treatments, usually 5 weeks apart; number of treatments and time between dependent on your specific hair and skin type.

How to Prepare:

Do not expose your skin to the sun for four weeks prior to your laser session.
Wear sunscreen if treated area is exposed to sunlight.
Shave the area to be treated.
Do not apply lotions, creams or makeup to the area prior to treatment.
Must wait for three days after using antibiotics for treatment.
Do not pluck hair or wax or use depilatories.

Post Treatment Instructions:

Do not exercise post treatment (that day only).
Do not take a hot shower post treatment (that day only).
Do not exfoliate post treatment (that day only).
Do not tan for two weeks post treatment.